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Mental Health First Aid Training for Everyone

Gain the skills to recognise and help when someone you know experiences mental ill health.

Become a Mental Health First Aider

What is Mental Health Awareness?

It’s difficult to start conversations around mental health, but they’re so important.

Your course will help you to start life-saving conversations with people who are suffering from mental ill health.

I'm Fine.

How often have you said that to someone when they asked how you were?

We’re all guilty of it. But is that how you’re really feeling?

This short video talks about why you say you’re fine when you’re not.

Press play and start your journey.

Why me?

That’s the question asked by Alastair Campbell in this video.

Mental ill health does not discriminate and it’s important that we know how to help others and - importantly - ourselves.

Start to fill your jar, and support others to fill their jar, by booking a course.